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Yellowstone's wolf packs—Agate Creek

The Agate Creek pack formed in 2002 when females from the Druid Peak pack (103F & 251F) joined at least one male from the Chief Joseph pack (113M). Territorial conflicts with the Tower pack resulted in the Agate Creek pack usurping the Tower pack’s territory. In 2003 a founding pack member (103F) was struck and killed by a vehicle. When the long-standing alpha male (113M) was injured in early 2007, his son replaced him as alpha and bred during that same year. Wolf 113M was tolerated as a pack member until he died later in the same year. Interactions between the Agate Creek pack and other Northern Range packs were not uncommon and often altered pack composition. Two collared wolves were killed by the Druid Peak pack in 2008. Later in the same year, 4 females dispersed from the pack to form the Blacktail Deer Plateau pack with 6 males from the Druid Peak pack. In 2010 the alpha male, "Big Blaze," was displaced by 641M, a dispersing male from the Mollie’s Pack. Later in the same year, the alpha female (472F) was killed by other wolves. In 2011, four collared wolves and an estimated three uncollared wolves were killed during conflicts with the Blacktail Deer Creek, Lamar Canyon, and Mollie’s packs. Three Agate Creek wolves remained in 2011. When two of these females dispersed to form the Junction Butte pack in 2012, the Agate Creek pack had officially dissolved.

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