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Yellowstone's wolves: Prospect Peak Pack

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Photographer: Warren Bergholz
Species: Wolf
Date taken: 12-06-2014
Date posted: 04-03-2015
Caption: Four Prospect Peak Pack Wolves in Lamar Valley
Notes: These four Prospect Peak Wolves entered the valley from the Lamar River Canyon on the west about an hour before this picture was taken. They were scent trailing a grey pup apparently from the Junction Butte Pack. They trailed the pup (at least a mile ahead) upstream on the south side of the river and then followed the pup across the valley just east of Coyote pullout. The pup had crossed the road to the north near Dorothy's pullout. When picture was taken the four were between Dorothy's and Coyote but were hesitant to cross because of people at both pullouts. They finally proceeded west to near Fisherman's and crossed to the north and continued their chase to the north. Note that at this time, 911M and his group were bedded to the north of the road and the Lamar Canyon Pack was at the east end of the valley. Additionally, at least 11 Mollies Pack wolves had been in the valley earlier in the day and were currently out of sight.