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Yellowstone's wolves: Mollie's Pack

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Photographer: Sarah Fenton
Species: Wolf
Date taken: 09-21-2014
Date posted: 05-04-2015
Caption: 10 Mollie's out in Pelican Valley in the fall of 2014
Notes: This photo was taken in the fall of 2014 in Pelican Valley. There are 10 members of the Mollie pack. They were located across the stream in Pelican Valley where the hiking trail opens up into the valley. Due to the distance, it is too difficult to identify specific physical traits on these wolves. Originally the wolves were all bedded down except for 1 black wolf. After a short while, 1 black and 1 gray appeared to do all the leading. The pack howled amongst themselves for some time. The two leading wolves continued to howl afterwards. 8 of the pack disappeared behind the rolling hills and into the forest while the 2 leading wolves stayed behind for a little while after. The two appeared to leave visibility at about 11am. Prior to discovering the Mollies and closer to the trailhead. Single howling was heard from across the hard top road.