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Yellowstone's wolves: Prospect Peak Pack

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Photographer: Robert Ward  (Robert's web site)
Species: Wolf
Date taken: 09-11-2015
Date posted: 09-14-2015
Caption: Puppy Round-Up
Notes: Mom (821F) called for her pups to rejoin the pack at Blacktail; however, the black pups seemed easily distracted and the grey pup kept looking back over its shoulder to see if they were still coming. We could hear Mom howling in the distance and in image Prospect Peak Pack-27 the black pup with the white blaze howls back, as if to say "Coming mother!" In Image Prospect Peak Pack-68 we lose the three pups as they go down into the gully. They re-emerge in Prospect Peak Pack-69 but only the grey pup takes the ridge while the two blacks stay low and out of sight. Hoping we would catch them again, we headed up to "The Children's Fire Trail" to happily see them reunite with Mom in Image Prospect Peak Pack-75.