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Photographer: Jort Vanderveen  (Jort's web site)
Species: Wolf
Date taken: 10-29-2017
Date posted: 01-17-2018
Caption: Wolf coming old carcass
Notes: A wild wolf encounter. October 29th 2017 was a day with many great things happening, and this wolf encounter was among the best. As its pack was milling around on the other side of the valley this wolf decided to cross the river, and come closer. As all visitors were holding their breath the wolf was coming close to a bison, which seemed rather dead at one point. The wolf decided to try a bite, but then the bison jumped up and chased the wolf away. Calmly the wolf continued its way, crossed the road, and finally ended up at a very old carcass, that was months old already, and just had a few bones laying around. It pounced in the snow like a coyote or fox, ate some snow, moved away in the trees, and came back to do it again.