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Yellowstone's wolves: 778M from Blacktail Deer Plateau Pack

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Photographer:   (Sam's web site)
Species: Wolf
Date taken: 01-28-2013
Date posted: 12-02-2013
Caption: Big Brown (778m)
Notes: Here is Blacktail alpha male, 778m, shortly after crossing the road. He was looking back towards alpha female 693f who had yet to cross. The alpha pair was also accompanied by an uncollared gray wolf that had mange on it's hind legs and was travelling close to Big Brown. The wolves had killed an elk close to the road just east of Undine Falls sometime in the night or early that morning which was removed by park rangers. I took this photo on the following afternoon a half mile or so east of there, as they crossed from south to north and proceeded to make their way back towards the carcass area. Finding it gone, they took off to the north and were not to be seen again.