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Yellowstone Wolf: Tracking the Packs

Yellowstone's wolves: 778M from Blacktail Deer Plateau Pack

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Photographer:   (Sam's web site)
Species: Wolf
Date taken: 02-06-2013
Date posted: 12-02-2013
Caption: Blacktail alpha pair
Notes: Here is the alpha pair of the Blacktail pack, 693f and 778m. They were not accompanied by any other wolves. When I encountered them, they were sniffing around on what appeared to be a bison carcass buried under the snow and ice of Blacktail Lakes. One could make out bison fur and one horn just barely protruding from the snow surrounded by blood (just out of the frame, to the left). After this point, they travelled west and crossed the road about .25 west of Blacktail Lakes and went out of sight.