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Yellowstone's wolf packs—8 Mile Pack

The 8 Mile pack originated in southwest Montana and was named after a creek in Paradise Valley. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks radio-collared a large black male (SW763M) from this pack near Tom Miner Basin (SW denotes southwest Montana). This pack was considered a boundary pack until 2011 when the alpha female denned within the park boundary, in Sepulcher Hills, for the first time. While establishing itself as a park pack, 8 Mile displaced the Quadrant Mountain pack and had multiple interactions with the Blacktail Deer Plateau pack. The pack’s first documented alpha male, 871M, was radio-collared in February 2013, and led the pack with alpha female 909F (“Red/Brown”), until he was killed by a neighboring pack in October of 2014. In February of 2014, SW763M, 821F, and an uncollared female left the 8 Mile pack to form the Prospect Peak pack. More recently, the 8 Mile pack is led by alpha female 909F and alpha male, 910M. The pack currently spends the majority of their time on the north boundary of the park. [Updated 4/2015]

Pack composition

ID Social status Age class Color Sex Age Mange status Birth year Birth pack Description
909FAlphaAdultGrayFemale7Uninfected2009Has a red/orange tone to her coat. Looks small when compared to other uncollared gray adults in pack.
963FSubordinateAdultGrayFemale4Uninfected20128 Mile PackOnly gray female 8-mile wolf born in 2012.
No ID yetSubordinateUnknownBlackMale?Uninfected
No ID yetSubordinateUnknownBlackMale?Uninfected
No ID yetSubordinateAdultBlackMale?
No ID yetSubordinateAdultBlackUnknown1Uninfected2015
No ID yetSubordinateAdultBlackUnknown1Uninfected2015

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Past pack members

ID Social status Age class Color Sex Age Mange status Birth year Birth pack Death year Description
763MSubordinateUnknownBlackMale8Uninfected2008SW763M was a former 8-Mile wolf. Has a GPS collar and a very gray body and face.
821FAlphaUnknownGrayFemale7Uninfected2009Studded collar.
871MAlphaUnknownBlackMale7Uninfected20092014Birth year was estimated at 2009 or 2010. Darkest adult black wolf in pack and has a radio-collar. Has gray on undersides.
910MAlphaUnknownBlackMale5Uninfected20118 Mile PackAs a young adult this wolf was identifiable by the white tip at the end of his black tail. Although the white tip is gone, he is now identifiable by his radio-collar and white "beard". After spending much of 2014 apart from 8 Mile, he has rejoined the pack as alpha male until 2016, when he left for Cinnabar. He is believed to be alpha male of Cinnabar.
Dark GraySubordinateUnknownGrayFemale?UninfectedDarkest gray female in pack. Dark black spot on upper tail with a gray tail tip. Very dark saddle. Winter 2014 spending more time away from pack with SW763M and 821F.