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Yellowstone's wolf packs—Canyon Pack

This pack originated when a female from the Hayden Valley pack and two males from the Mollie’s pack joined up in spring 2008. After both alphas of the Hayden Valley pack were killed by the Mollie’s pack in October and November 2007, the remaining wolves relocated outside the park. This allowed the Canyon pack to fill into much of the old Hayden Valley pack territory. This pack has been very comfortable near developed areas, exemplified by their use of a highway culvert to stash pups in 2008, denning near park headquarters in Mammoth Hot Springs in 2009, and regularly using roads as travel corridors during the winter months. With the exception of a yearling that was hazed (an approach used to decrease habituation behaviors) to prevent further habituation in 2011 after being fed by a park visitor, the pack does not show signs of actively approaching people. To date, the pack has retained their original alpha pair, a black male (712M) and a distinctively white, uncollared female. The traditional rendezvous site in Hayden Valley has been highly visible to the public in past years. In 2014, however, the alpha pair did not appear to den and the pack has recently dwindled in size. It is unknown whether the pack will den in 2015. The Canyon Pack’s territory currently ranges from Hayden to Old Faithful, Norris, and Mammoth. [Updated 4/2015]

Pack composition

ID Social status Age class Color Sex Age Mange status Birth year Birth pack Description
712MAlphaAdultBlackMale11Uninfected2005Only radio-collared wolf in pack. Black wolf with a lot of graying on face and body.
Canyon Alpha FemaleAlphaAdultGrayFemale?UninfectedVery light gray/white wolf.
No ID yetSubordinateAdultGrayFemale3Infected2013Canyon Pack
No ID yetSubordinateAdultBlackUnknown12015Canyon Pack
No ID yetSubordinateAdultGrayUnknown12015Canyon Pack

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Past pack members

ID Social status Age class Color Sex Age Mange status Birth year Birth pack Death year Description
871MAlphaUnknownBlackMale7Uninfected20092014Birth year was estimated at 2009 or 2010. Darkest adult black wolf in pack and has a radio-collar. Has gray on undersides.