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Yellowstone's wolves: 1015M from Mollie's Pack

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Photographer: Panzer Gnauck
Species: Wolf
Date taken: 03-05-2016
Date posted: 10-30-2017
Caption: The Mollies had come to the Lamar in March of 2016. They numbered 16 at the time with the current alpha female 779F running the pack.
Notes: It was interesting to see 1014M, 1015M, and the 2 1/2 year old black of the Mollies move over to the white female of the Wapitis as the next year went on. I think there are eleven Mollies in this photo. Clear back to the days of the Druids, I have always liked to see wolves go through this particular group of aspens. Perhaps what was also interesting is that former Beta Male 890M of the Junction Butte pack worked his way in to alpha male position of the Mollies.