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Photographer: Panzer Gnauck
Species: Wolf
Date taken: 12-24-2016
Date posted: 12-31-2016
Caption: Husky (New Lamar Canyon Alpha Male) by the Sheep Cliffs
Notes: Christmas Eve morning was exciting. The Prospects had been in the area of the Lamar Canyon Pack, South of the Soda Butte Cone. 926F headed North across the road to what some have always called the Sheep Cliffs. Many of us had been watching 949M in the Soda Butte Valley, along with the Prospects up on Norris Mountain, when the one they call Husky headed towards 926F. I drove to the pull off just East of the Confluence, got out of the truck and hiked East. Husky knew that 926F was safe, and then started howling very close to the road for the other three Lamar Canyon wolves. When I thought he might be coming at me I realized I was too far from my truck and went back to the vehicle. He never left his spot on the hill, until I drove by. Being that four cars stopped in front of me, I stuck the camera out the sunroof and took several photos for about two minutes, at which point traffic started moving again.